Shirley Mazin (Jan. 14, 1950 – June 12, 2008) was instrumental in spearheading Makenzie’s leap into private practice. Makenzie would like to express her deep gratitude for her mother’s guidance, mentorship, friendship, and love. Shirley’s visions and dreams inspired the patient-centered customer service approach of Valens Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, LLC. We strive to give you excellent care in honor of her memory.

Furthermore, we would like to draw attention to Sjogren’s Syndrome, the disease that lead to her pulmonary fibrosis and eventual passing. Sjogren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune disease; Shirley experienced the secondary form of Sjogren’s Syndrome that led to scarring of her lung tissue, making it difficult for her to breathe without supplemental oxygen. Complications of this disease lead to her passing. The Mazin family is forever grateful for the excellent medical care she received over the years and the strength and determination she exalted throughout her lifespan. Please go to www.sjogrens.org to learn more.

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