What will occur at my first visit?
Your first appointment is referred to as the Initial Evaluation. During this visit, you will sit down with the physical therapist and discuss your reasons for seeking treatment. The physical therapist will inquire into some of your relevant daily routines (i.e., work, recreation, and exercise history) and past medical history to discover what may be contributing to your symptoms or concerns.

The physical therapist will then begin tests based on your concerns and presentation. This may entail a postural screen; assessment of joint range of motion, flexibility, and strength; and tests to identify areas of functional weakness or soft tissue/joint irritability. The visit will end with clarification of your treatment goals, a review of the physical therapist’s initial treatment plan, and depending on your visit results, an entry-level home exercise program.

What will occur at my follow-up visits?
Based on the results of your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will design a unique plan of care to address your individual needs.

At your scheduled treatment time the Valens Physical Therapy staff will initiate your visit in a variety of different ways depending on your plan of care. This may include starting your visit with a hot pack, bicycling, walking on the treadmill, stretching, foam rolling, or starting your strengthening program.

A typical follow-up visit will last 1 to 1.5 hours, but if you have time constraints at a given visit please notify the staff at the onset of your visit. Although the physical therapist will be dictating your entire visit your individual time with the PT will last between 15 to 30 minutes.

The rest of your time is spent restoring joint mobility, muscular flexibility, or strength with a given therapeutic exercise program. This portion of the visit is vital toward your symptom reduction or improvements in the quality of your movement. You will work through this plan with the assistance of a therapeutic aide under the direction of your physical therapist.

If your unique circumstances do not allow for any of the above stated treatment modalities, the physical therapist may not be able to initiate your one on one treatment time for up to 15 to 30 minutes after your scheduled treatment time.

The Valens Physical Therapy staff does our best to minimize your wait time. However; if your treatment only includes work with the physical therapist, you may have a delay due to the complexities of the schedule. To avoid this potential wait time, you can ask to be the first client scheduled for the day or to be scheduled immediately following an initial evaluation.

Where can I park?
Valens Physical Therapy has 4 parking spaces marked “Valens Physical Therapy” in the parking lot adjacent to our office.

These spaces are first come first serve and can be accessed from either South Peyton or Dangerfield Street.

One of our spaces is located on the curb making it appear to be a handicap space, but it is available to all clients. Another space is shared with a dumpster and the last two spaces are adjacent to this space.

Please do not park in the spaces that say “L.E. Peabody”, “Roundhouse”, or “S.O.C” in the parking lot adjacent to our office. Building management will come and ask you to immediately remove your car, interrupting your visit.

Please do not park in the parking lot across the street from our office.

On South Peyton Street, the curb in between the two entrances to our parking lot has one parking space. This space has a two-hour limit. On the opposite side of this street you can also find 3-hour street parking.

There is metered street parking on Duke St, Prince St., and Dangerfield St. We provide quarters as needed to assist you with parking.

The staff of Valens Physical Therapy understands the stress of parking in Old Town, Alexandria. We wish we could make parking a less stressful experience; unfortunately, we are limited to our 4, first come-first serve spaces. We hope the above information answers some of your questions and concerns.

What is a physical therapy treatment program?
A treatment program is tailored to your individual needs and may include any of the following:

  • Manual therapy: the clinician uses specific techniques such as soft tissue mobilization (specialized massage techniques) or joint mobilization/manipulation (pinpoint joint stretch)

  • Therapeutic exercise: exercise routines designed to improve a muscle’s strength or flexibility

  • Neuromuscular re-education: balance and movement pattern re-education through exercise and cueing


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