Musculoskeletal Physical

The Program
Whether you lead an active or sedentary lifestyle, your habits can affect your muscles, joints, and general comfort. Come learn about you in this one-time visit— how to feel better, move better, and ultimately reduce any current aches or prevent future pain. Even if you feel well, come explore your strength and flexibility and what you can do to stay healthy. You will receive a thorough movement analysis and walk away knowing how to promote a happy and healthy body.

What You Gain
Following your movement assessment, you will learn exercises and techniques to address any restrictions that have been identified. This wellness program’s goal is to help prevent future musculoskeletal injury by teaching you how to care for your body. Take the guess work out of your exercise program. Learn what you should be doing based on your current needs.

This is an out-of-pocket service; priced at a discounted $150.

Who May Benefit from a Musculoskeletal Physical?
If you have any of the following circumstances or questions you are a candidate for the program:

  • I wake up in the morning with stiffness.

  • I feel stiff when I get out of a chair.

  • Am I ready to begin “x” fitness program?

  • Am I wearing the best shoes for my feet?

  • I am a runner, I would like someone to look at my gait and give me feedback.

  • I want to make sure I am doing exercises that help my body.

  • You are a student athlete or the parent of a student athlete and want to be set up for success on the playing field.

  • One time a year my back goes out on me. I feel good right now, but I would like to know if I can prevent this from happening annually.

Essentially, if you are an active individual looking to avoid an overuse injury, or a sedentary person motivated to start taking care of your body this program is for you.


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