Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Therapy

Pelvic floor dysfunction therapy is an assessment of the function of the three muscular layers that make up the pelvic floor which are responsible for bladder/bowel function, sexual function and play a large role in core stability. At this time, Valens staff is trained to offer this service to females only. We will offer this service to males as soon as possible.

What is Included in a Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Evaluation?

• Discussion of a detailed history of the patient’s past medical history (to include previous pregnancies, low back or pelvic floor surgery) and current concerns/complaints

•  A lower quarter (low back/hip/leg) exam to assess ROM, strength, flexibility and stability -If appropriate, an INTERNAL exam will be performed to assess tissue mobility, muscular strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles

• Findings from the above exams will be used to design an appropriate plan of care to address the specific limitations of each patient

• Due to the intimate nature of these issues, the evaluation and follow up visits will be provided in a private room one-on-one with a trained physical therapist to ensure a comfortable and discreet environment for the patient

Important Facts to Know about Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Therapy:
• An internal exam does NOT assess any sort of medical issues such as function of the ovaries, cervix or uterus or anything related to cancer/tissue abnormalities of those areas.

• Pelvic floor dysfunction therapy can assist with symptom relief during pregnancy but the evaluation cannot determine pregnancy or fertility issues. It is strictly to assess the motor function of the 3 muscular levels of the pelvic floor.

• It is required by law in the Commonwealth of Virginia for the patient to have a prescription requesting a pelvic floor or internal exam before they can be seen by a physical therapist for an evaluation.

Common Issues Addressed by Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Therapy:
• Urinary frequency
• Urinary urgency
• Pregnancy/postpartum
• Diastasis Rectus
• Prolapse
• Pelvic Pain

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